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Instagram Shuts Down Early Wednesday, Active Moments Later

Instagram, the world’s largest sharing photo social media application, shut down in the early hours of Wednesday for almost 30 minutes, shocking billions of users worldwide, before coming up moments later.

The hiccup came barely a few days after co-founders Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger resigned as the head of the social media network due to disagreement of the app direction, after which Adam Mosseri was announced as the new head on the 1st of October.

The page simply reflected the technical error message “5xx Server Error”.

The social media app temporary malfunction became a major concern for users in numerous nations such as South Africa, Nigeria, Japan, United States of America and Australia, the hashtag #Instagramdown spontaneously became a trend on Twitter a major competitor of Instagram in the new media sphere.

Many online reports indicate that entrepreneurs in all socio-economic diversity and digital marketers were concerned and quickly raised alarm for it to be resolved after they were unable to log in or access their accounts.

However, moments later the technical hiccup was resolved and the social media app is back to its usual characteristics.

The app was developed in 2010 and has billions of users worldwide. The most popular social media network, Facebook, bought the company in 2012 and it has since become a major aspect of billions of people’s daily lives.

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