, is an online publication with strong penchant for investigative journalism. We have specialized skills in reporting business and economy globally but more particularly, banking and taxation matters.

Our team comprised of a few seasoned journalists whose high level of discipline, understanding, interest and commitment to national development are propelled by the best principles and ethics of the journalism profession.

To offer our readers real time, unbiased and credible news and analysis on these two broad sectors mentioned above, we aim to adopt exclusive approach in our investigation and reportage of developments in Nigeria’s banking, taxation and revenue systems as well as offer knowledge-based analysis of emerging developments in these areas globally.

As fiscal and monetary policy-oriented development journalists, our focus on banking and tax matters derives from the need to do more in fiscal and monetary policy reportage in Nigeria in particular as a strategic option of encouraging accountability and transparency in public finance, reducing poverty and encouraging the creation of the desired enabling environment for corporate entities and individuals to thrive. We do this bearing in mind that despite efforts by the governments to improve tax and revenue generation ratio to GDP, citizens’ apathy to such initiatives remains pervasive.

Hence, our main objective is to use our investigative reporting skills to bring to the public domain all those issues that are germane to improving financial inclusion and tax compliance rates at all levels of government and opening up the interactive and engagement space for all stakeholders’ cross-fertilization of ideas and experience sharing that are crucial to achieving the desired monetary and fiscal systems’ efficiency in the nation’s economy.
We are confident that this online medium would meet the needs of taxpayers, bank customers, fiscal and monetary authorities and other groups in our collective efforts to sanitise the nation’s financial ecosystem and make tax payment and banking easier for and sundry.