Our Mission

  • Our primary mission is to use our platform as a medium for promoting transparency and accountability in all areas of Nigeria’s banking and tax systems in order to achieve sustainable national development for the benefit of all stakeholders
  • To achieve 1 above, we shall adopt investigative approach in fiscal and monetary policy matters’ reportage for the purposes of securing the buy-in of all stakeholders, particularly the people at the grassroots, in the sustained drive towards fiscal diversification of Nigeria’s economy.
  • We shall collaborate with relevant monetary and fiscal authorities as well as tax-paying corporate organizations, individuals, civil society and other groups to improve public awareness about Nigeria’s tax and monetary policy issues through trainings, workshops, seminars and other public enlightenment initiatives as may be required from time to time.
  • We shall embark on nationwide tours to local communities to engage the citizens on banking and tax and revenue-related issues and publishing our findings so that their views and interests are constantly considered during national debates or policy discourses on tax and banking reform initiatives
  • ng will initiate Taxpayers’ fora at national and sub-national levels as it may deem necessary to promote interactions/engagements of all stakeholders in the monetary and fiscal policies space for the purposes of improving their understanding of the emerging fiscal and monetary policy issues.
  • We will use the medium (BRTnews.ng) to initiate Annual Banking and Corporate Tax Compliance Awards as a means of recognizing corporate entities that are adding values to the economic system through grassroots-oriented development investments and through timely payment of their due taxes as a way of encouraging others to learn from and embrace such initiatives.