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Global Disinfection Robots Market Revenues To Hit $561.45Mn By 2026

The global disinfection robots market has been projected to grow at a CAGR of over 30.69% during the period 2020−2026.

A new report by Arizton – Advisory and Intelligence, an innovation and quality-driven firm, which offers cutting-edge research solutions to clients across the world, titled ‘Disinfection Robots Market’ sourced by on Thursday indicated that UVD Robots, one of the leading vendors providing disinfection robots, had more than 60 unique features filed patented solutions being technologically 2-4 years ahead of any competitor in the market.

The report further highlighted that based on product type, the UV disinfection robots accounted for the highest revenue share in 2020 and is likely to witness the highest CAGR of over 32% during the forecast period.

Another highlight of the report, which also covered in-depth analysis and data-driven insights on the impact of COVID-19 pandemic, showed that based on end-user, the healthcare facilities accounted for the highest revenue share in 2020 and is anticipated to witness the highest CAGR of over 32.16% during the forecast period.

According to Arizton researchers, Europe accounted for the highest revenue share compared to other regions for the market in 2020 while APAC is expected to witness the fastest growth rate during the forecast period with a CAGR of approximately 33.39%.

“With the outbreak of COVID-19 pandemic, the demand for disinfection robots has significantly increased with the growing need to maintain disinfection and prevent the spread of the virus”, the research firm stated

The firm’s research findings on the segmentation of disinfection robots market showed that “UV disinfection has several advantages compared to other cleaning methods and is gaining high traction in the global disinfection robots market.

“Emerging players offering UV-C disinfection robots and advantages associated with them contribute to the market growth. The cheaper ways to generate disinfecting UV light are enabling the UV segment’s growth.

“Healthcare settings are home to various HAIs and multidrug-resistant organisms that affect patients, physicians, and other healthcare workers. The future emergence of epidemics or serious communicable infections will elevate the growth of the global market.

“Higher adoption of advanced systems in healthcare facilities, continuous research & development activities, and the growing number of manufacturers in the disinfection robots in the region are enhancing the growth of the European market. The government initiatives towards healthcare are fueling the growth of the disinfectant robots market.

On the dynamics of the disinfection robots market, Arizton reported that several vendors are offering disinfection products with patented technologies, adding that with the ongoing pandemic, there has been an absolute explosion in the number of patent filings.

“Patented technologies, especially for UV disinfection and automated dosing, are boosting the development of the most sophisticated and effective solutions to prevent HAIs.

“Fetch Robotics has developed a disinfection robot, Breezy One, that autonomously maneuvers around the facility and dispenses an aerosol-based disinfectant. The substance dispensed by the robots is a patented chemical that is safe for humans after a few hours.

“OTSAW, an advanced robotic technology company, has filed several patents on the technology that effectively cool and efficiently operate LED lights. As a result, the new O-RX Disinfection robot uses less power than other UVC light sources.

“UVD Robots, one of the leading vendors providing disinfection robots, with its more than 60 unique features, has filed patented solutions”, the research firm added.

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