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BEDC Distributes 1,694 Transformers To Boost Electricity Supply

Benin Electricity Distribution PLC (BEDC) at the weekend disclosed that it had added a total of 1,694 distribution transformers since it took over the distribution of electricity in Edo State in 2013 to improve power across the state.

The company gave the hint in its Customer Information Update, adding that power availability has also improved from two hours in 2013 to between 6-10 hours in some parts of the state with severe infrastructure limitations, including Okada, Oluku, part of Sokponba, Evbuotubu, Oliha and Siluko.

It also reported improved power from 8 hours to between 12-15 hours for locations with more improved infrastructure such as Auchi, Government Reserved Areas (GRA), Ugbowo, Okhoro and new Benin in Benin City.

The Customer Information Update clarified further: “ Some of these improvements can be seen in large companies, hotels, teaching hospital, central hospital, universities, government establishments including Government House, High court and State House of Assembly”.

“Most importantly several customers can now predict when they will have power supply based on our regimented load management schedule which are published”, the company added.

Expatiating on power supply to communities, BEDC also confirmed that it had connected 12 communities which were previously lacking electricity, including Aduhanhan, Orhua, Evbuehkhae, Evbuovbuke, Ogbekpen, Ekuobore and Ikhueniro among others.

This is even as it stated that 16 communities had their transformers replaced, while 11 transformers donated to communities had been commissioned also during the five-year period of taking over electricity distribution in the state.

On the Ossiomo power project, the company stated: “To the extent permitted by applicable legal and regulatory framework, BEDC has been and continues to be willing to work with all such 3rd parties including Ossiomo Power and Infrastructure Company to increase power supply within the ambit of the law, without compromising quality of power supply, affordability and safety of our customers.”

Similarly the distribution company (DisCo) disclosed that it had achieved over 65 percent metering of customers and was committed to closing the gap in its coverage areas and also ensuring credible billing for power consumed.

“NERC has introduced a new process of using third parties as Meter Asset Provider (MAP) to accelerate the metering process.

“This should help substantially to eliminate the gap in due course. Estimated billing will continue to subsist in locations where 100 per cent metering is not yet achieved as a means of computing bill for electricity consumed”, BEDC added.

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