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U.S Entrepreneurs Oppose Biden’s Tax Hike Plan

President Joe Biden appears to be facing an uphill task in his administration’s efforts to hike tax as part of its fiscal drives to fund multitrillion-dollar infrastructure investments he promised to build in the coming months. The stand-off between the White House and corporate entities is rising as President strikes nearer to clinching congressional approval […]

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Trump Loses Supreme Court Appeal On Tax Returns

The United States Supreme Court declined on Monday President Donald Trump’s appeal to block a New York grand jury from getting his personal and corporate tax returns. The verdict represented the ousted President’s decisive defeat in his prolonged legal battle to keep his tax records out of the hands of investigators. A news report by […]

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Chinese Regulators Summon Tesla Over Electric Car Safety Issues

Chinese automotive industry regulators on Monday summoned Tesla, the world’s leading electric car manufacturer, over quality and safety issues as the company ramps up production of its latest model in its Shanghai factory. China is the second largest Tesla’s market after the US and the electric car company sold 120,000 units the country last year. […]

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Okonjo-Iweala Set To Become WTO’s Director General

After several months of political maneuvering by the ousted U.S President, Donald Trump, to stall Dr. Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala’s ambition of becoming the next Director-General of the World Trade Organisation (WTO), the coast now appears clear for the Nigeria’s ex-finance Minister to get the job. A news report by Bloomberg at the weekend indicated that Okonjo-Iweala’s […]

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Global IPO Value Hits $268bn In 2020, Highest In 10 Yrs

Despite the COVID-19 pandemic’s devastating impact across the broad spectrum of the global economy last year, the initial public offering (IPO) sub-segment of the global equities market recorded a whopping $268.0 billion value from a total of 1,363 IPOs deals, demonstrating the resilience of equity and capital markets. A research data analyzed and published by […]

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ILO Advocates Better Conditions For Homeworkers As COVID-19 Cases Surge

The International Labour organization (ILO) on Wednesday canvassed the need for better working conditions for people working from home, saying that the COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the poor working conditions experienced by many homeworkers who, prior to the crisis, numbered an estimated 260 million people worldwide In its latest report titled ‘Working from home. From […]

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Biden Vows To Prioritize COVID-19 Fight In Economy’s Recovery Agenda

The United States President-elect, Joe Biden, has promised to rebuild all facets on America’s national life as a priority of his government in order to make Americans proud, once again, of their cherished country. Biden, who gave the pledge in his post election speech, said one of the key reformation targets of the Democratic Party-led […]

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EU Agrees To Link Rule Of Law To Budget Fund Access

The European Union (EU) has agreed that all its member states must uphold democratic standards to access the EU’s billion-euro emergency Coronavirus (COVID-19) relief package and budget. The continental block parliament and its 27 member-states agreed on Thursday to tie the bloc’s long-term budget access to a mechanism requiring countries to live up to Europe’s […]

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Okonjo-Iweala Maintains Lead In WTO Director General’s Race

There are strong indications that Nigeria’s former Finance Minister and Supervising Minister for the Economy, Dr Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala, may become the new Director General of the World Trade Organisation (WTO) come November 7 election result’s announcement date. News reports on Wednesday indicated that the former minister polled 104 votes from 164 member-countries to defeat her […]