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U.S Employment Rate Declines To 5.2% In Sept

The September 2021 study conducted by the U.S Bureau of Labour Statistics, has showed that the national unemployment rate declined to 5.2 percent, compared to September 2020 rate when the unemployment rose to nearly 8 percent.

The study also shows that monthly job growth has averaged 586,000 in professional and business services, transportation and warehousing, private education, manufacturing, and other services.
But then, news report further indicates that while the national unemployment rate declined in the past year, unemployment remained still high in large U.S. cities.

According to the latest study, in August, 5.6 million people reported that they were unable to return to their jobs because their employer “closed or lost business due to the pandemic.”

Available data on the preceding month’s unemployment rate showed that it stood at 5.2 million nationally.

According to the Labour Office figures, of those who reported in August that they were unable to find work due to pandemic-related closures, 13.9 percent received some form of payment from their employers for the hours not worked, up from 9.1 percent in the prior month.

The September 2021 study derived its data primarily from private non-farm businesses such as factories, offices, stores, and also from federal, state, and local government entities.

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