Africa Data Centres Launches ADC Channel Programme

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Africa Data Centres, a division of the Cassava Technologies group, is excited to announce the launch of its exclusive channel partner programme, ADC Channel.

A news report from African Press Organisation (APO) Group on the feat indicated the primary goal of the Channel was to foster collaboration among partners within the ISP, Carrier, Telecommunications, Systems Integration, ICT and Data Centre providers; Channel Partners will have additional product offerings to add to their current portfolio and in turn generate new revenue streams;

The programme offers partners easy access to data centre experts and will provide ongoing commercial and technical support.

ADC Channel presents a unique opportunity for global carriers, Internet Service Providers (ISPs), system integrators, Data Centres, Mobile Network, Content Developer, telecommunications companies, network infrastructure operators, hyperscalers and others to deliver state-of-the-art, sustainable and cost-effective digital solutions to their clients.

Commenting on the initiative, CFO of Africa Data Centres, Finhai Munzara, maintained that the benefits of the ADC Channel programme extended to all types of partners.

He enthused: “Our facilities are designed with the needs of hyper-scale, wholesale & enterprise clients in mind, catering to their technical, operational and commercial requirements. Whether it’s greenfield projects, built-to-suit facilities, powered shells, dedicated halls, or hybrid colocation, we offer flexible, scalable and sustainable solutions that suit partners of every kind.”

On the benefits of partnering with the ADC, Munzara explained that firstly, clients would gain an additional product offering and footprint to augment their existing portfolio, enabling them to offer bundled solutions. This not only enhances their current revenue streams but also positions them for further growth & retention with both existing and future customers.

According to him, partners stand to benefit from reduced churn, as colocation is inherently a ‘sticky’ product with minimal price erosion and also enjoy seamless access to data centre experts, continuous commercial and technical support, and regular, complimentary training for their sales and product teams.

In addition, the CRO stressed that partners faced no financial risk, as participation in the channel programme requires no investment and entails no capital expenditures for building data centres and that they can also leverage flexibility in setting their selling prices and receive significant upfront discounts, further bolstering their competitive advantage.

Munzara listed the exclusive benefits of partnership as including competitive pricing, dedicated sales & Presales Teams, Remote Hands support and access to joint marketing resources & activities, enabling partners to thrive in the marketplace.

He emphasized that ADC Channel programme  epitomises Africa Data Centres’ commitment to fostering collaborative growth and innovation.

The ADC boss further clarified: “It serves as a platform for clients to enrich their product portfolios and seamlessly extend their business across diverse ecosystems with openness and transparency.” Africa Data Centres warmly invites partners to embark on this transformative journey towards shaping the future of digital connectivity in Africa.

“The programme prioritises mutual growth, leveraging Africa Data Centres’ profound industry expertise and extensive infrastructure”, Munara added.

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