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Public Service Award Morale Booster For FIRS – Nami

The Executive Chairman of the Federal Inland Revenue Service, Muhammad Nami, has said that the Public Service Person of the Year 2022 award conferred on him by Leadership Newspaper is a morale booster for the revenue agency to do more in furtherance of the fulfillment of its mandate.

Nami made this remark during a chat with journalists shortly after receiving the Public Service Person of the Year 2022 award at the 14th Edition of the Leadership Annual Conference and Awards event, held in Abuja.

According to him, the FIRS’ management feels very honoured to receive the award and feels more indebted to Nigerians to do better in the years to come.

While thanking the media, particularly the Leadership Newspaper’s management for considering him worthy of the honour, the foremost tax administrator dedicated the award to the “FIRS family, and rename it as ‘the Leadership Public Institution of the Year Award 2022’—not Muhammad Nami’s. This Award is the result of a collective effort. It is because of team work that we have been able to achieve what we have done at the FIRS.”

Linking the recognition partly to the reforms that the Service had implemented in recent times and the results achieved, the FIRS boss recalled: “We have carried out so many reforms that have brought us to this proud moment: we have rebuilt the institutional structure of the Service; we have ensured we carry our taxpayers along; we have created an environment for ease of tax payment; we have deployed big data in our operations; we have taken our stakeholders—including the media, seriously; among many others.

“When we came on board, we met a Service that was collecting tax revenue within the region of 5 trillion for a period of nine years. In 2021 we broke that jinx, and crossed over the 6-trillion Naira mark. We did not rest on our oars, in 2022, by sheer determination and collective effort we raked in N10.1 trillion in tax revenue—the highest sum in our nation’s history”, Nami added.

Speaking on the Service’s revenue generation prospects for this year, the Executive Chairman promised  that the management would do everything within its means to ensure that the target set for it is surpassed to support the government in its efforts to cater for the needs of the Nigerians

He expatiated: “It is not easy to collect taxes. I believe that after the issue of tackling insecurity, the second most difficult task for our government is to collect taxes. But we will continue to appeal to Nigerians to pay their taxes, and help them understand that without taxes, salaries cannot be paid; without taxes, roads cannot be built; without taxes our lives and properties cannot be secured.

“I want to assure Nigerians that we would do everything within our means to ensure that the governments at the three tiers are funded to provide these services and needs to the Nigerian people.

“We have already commenced the journey to do better, well before the new year. We have appointed telecommunication companies and deposit money banks to act as agents of VAT collection for us. They would deduct VAT at source from their Contractors and, or Service providers, and remit same to us.

“Also, we are extending our collaboration further, beyond local local stakeholders and engaging with the international community to ensure that we have seamless flow of information required for tax administration.

“We would also work tirelessly to ensure that we improve our automation so that we are able to serve our taxpayers better than previous years”, Nami added.


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