NSIA Unveils $500Mn Investment Platform For Renewable Energy

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The Nigeria Sovereign Investment Authority (NSIA) has launched a $500m Renewables Investment Platform for Limitless Energy (RIPLE) as part of its commitment to boosting the nation’s power generation and supply on a sustainable basis in the years ahead,

Specifically, the initiative aims at the development, investment, and operation of renewable energy projects across the entire socio-economic value chain of the country by expanding energy access, enhance energy efficiency and ensure energy security.

The launch of RIPLE is complemented by the execution of a strategic partnership agreement that seeks to further redefine Nigeria’s energy landscape with the multilateral finance group – International Finance Corporation (IFC) – signals a joint commitment to advance renewable energy developments.

The pilot for this initiative is located within the Tokarawa Industrial Hub in Kano State and it involves setting up a generation and distribution system to meet 70MW of unsuppressed energy demands of industrial activities, commercial enterprises, and residential customers in an area covering about 9,000 connections.

Speaking on the transformational initiative of the Authority, the Programme Manager of RIPLE, Mr. Yusuf Umar, enthused: “We are excited to partner with the International Finance Corporation to advance the transition to energy efficient solutions in Nigeria, an institution that shares our commitment to sustainable development, our focus is to empower the customers with a resilient and environmentally friendly energy solution that will optimize productivity and reduce carbon footprint.”

In his remarks, Regional Manager Africa, Dan Croft, IFC said, “Reliable electricity is crucial for improving quality of life, productivity, and economic growth in Nigeria. IFC is pleased to collaborate with our longstanding partner, NSIA, to develop and implement the first phase of this innovative energy solution which will reduce greenhouse gas emissions and reliance on fossil fuel. The energy solution will also deliver reliable power supply for commercial, residential as well as industrial use.”

Also, commenting on the partnership between the NSIA and the IFC on the project’s implementation, the Managing Director of the NSIA, Aminu Umar-Sadiq, further clarified: “The collaboration between NSIA and the IFC is a clear demonstration of NSIA’s dedication to sustainable energy transition in Nigeria. As the custodian of economic resources for current and future generations of Nigerians, tackling climate risks is integral to NSIA’s objectives.

“We recognize the many opportunities it offers for innovation, growth, and economic transformation. RIPLE is another milestone initiative by NSIA in the climate sustainability asset class, having previously launched Carbon Vista with Vitol and the Construction Finance Warehouse Facility”, the investment expert added.

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