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Nigeria’s Energy Generation Up 95,116.18MWh, Highest In 2 Months

Nigeria electricity generation rose to the highest in over two months at 95,116.18MWh on Tuesday, representing 5% improvement over the 90,621.28MWh generated in the previous day.

Information provided by the Transmission Company of Nigeria (TCN) on the electricity generation and supply situation in the day under review, indicated that the last time Nigeria’s energy generation rose above 95,000MWh was 4th May 2022, when it peaked at 96,278.96MWh.

The company reported that power supply on Tuesday also increased by 5% to 93,857.566MWh, from 89,393.08MWh supplied to the Distribution Companies (DisCos) for onward supply to consumers on Monday. This implies that 98.64% of the total power generated was sent out to DisCos.

A further analysis of the TCN’s electricity data showed that energy generation peaked at 4,343.2MW on Tuesday, while off-peak generation stood at 3,572.8MW. The highest frequency recorded during the day was 50.92Hz while the lowest was 49Hz.

On Monday, electricity supply improved to 89,393.08MWh, representing a 2.2% increase over the 87,487.83MWh supplied the previous day.

The TCN attributed the improvement in Monday’s electricity supply mainly to a 2.1% increase in power generation to 90,621.28MWh, compared to 88,718.95MWh of energy generated the preceding day.

Out of the total electricity generated, the company reported that 98.64% was sent out to DisCos for supply to consumers.

Despite the increases in generated and distributed electricity on Tuesday, the country is still grappling with lingering electricity outages as the power generation companies (GenCos) had for years been unable to meet the minimum 105,000MWh of electricity required to ensure daily stable power supply nationwide.

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