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Glo Unveils ‘Borrow For Others’ Service Offering For Subscribers

Globacom, one of Nigeria’s leading national telecom operator, has announced a new service ‘Borrow For Others’ offering for its subscribers that avails them the opportunity to borrow airtime and data for friends, associates and family members.

According to the industry’s top telecom player, subscribers who want to enjoy this new service offering called “Borrow for others”, can have access by dialing *777# or *321#. It also stated that subscribers can also access the service online to indicate how much he or she wishes to borrow on behalf of another subscriber.

While further highlighting how subscribers can access the service offering, Globacom stated that “a subscriber who wants to borrow N25 airtime is required to dial *321#, choose option 4 “Borrow Credit for Others” to select the required denomination”.

In addition, it disclosed that subscribers can also borrow data by dialing the same code but required to choose option 5, “Borrow Data for Others where they can select the data package they qualify to enjoy.”

The telecom company pointed out that although the borrowed airtime can be used to call other networks or make international calls and the data used to browse the internet as the subscriber desires, the borrower must have been a consistent subscriber to the Glo network for at least 90 days to be able to enjoy this service offering.

Globacom maintained, however, that to enjoy the package, a subscriber is also required to have a good credit history with the network and can pay back on next recharge within a given period or by dialing *321*9*9#.

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