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56% Americans Support Stricter Regulation Of Tech Firms – Survey

More Americans think major technology companies should face more government regulation even as a majority say that these firms have too much economic power and influence.

These findings were contained in a new Pew Research Center survey conducted April 12-18, 2021.

But then, there’s not a strong consensus among the public that the government reducing the size of major tech companies would be a good thing.

The survey findings indicated that 56 percent of Americans think major technology companies should be regulated more than they are now while a higher number, representing 68 percent of those surveyed believe these firms have too much power and influence in the economy.

According to a news report by EIN News, an online medium, the latest survey represents a statistically significant increase of those who say there should be more regulation, up from 47 percent in June 2020 and 51 percent in May 2018.

In recent times, there have been increases in support for more regulation across most of the political spectrum, particularly among liberal Democrats, since this question was last asked in June 2020.

The news report indicated that Liberal Democrats’ support for more regulation jumped from 52% to 70% since last year, adding that “the only group that did not see a statistically significant increase in the share calling for greater regulation is moderate or liberal Republicans.”

The latest findings come as lawmakers are considering antitrust legislation to weaken major technology companies’ dominance of their markets.

Also, the Federal Trade Commission and 46 states filed a lawsuit to break up Facebook at the end of 2020, saying the firm’s acquisition of Instagram and WhatsApp was unlawful. The case was, however, dismissed in late June with the option to re-file it in July.

In early July, President Joe Biden signed an executive order that encourages the Federal Communications Commission to take several actions to promote greater competition in the technology space and limit the power of major technology companies, among other things.

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