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Oradian, ANMFIN Partner On Financial Inclusion Drive

As part of their shared mission to boost financial inclusion in Nigeria, Oradian and the Association of Non Bank Microfinance Institution of Nigeria (ANMFIN) have launched a strategic partnership.

A news report circulated by Africa Press Organisation (APO) Group on the deal quoted the ANMFIN President, Princess Adesola Ogunleye, as expressing the association’s happiness on the deal, which he projected would enable the partners to align their vision and consolidate on the achievements recorded so far by them.

He said:  “We are extremely pleased to partner with Oradian. Together we align our shared vision and leverage the success delivered to date. The partnership will enable all of our MFIs to move to Oradian’s cloud-based solution, helping our members to save time and money through more efficient, digitised processes – no more manual input of data.

“We and our members are very excited to improve administrative process, reduce high operational costs and offer digital financial services across the country”, Ogunleye added.

According to the CEO of Oradian, Antonio Separovic, the launching ANMFIN Cloud Express offers opportunity to expand the range of solutions that the company offers in Nigeria.

He explained: “Nigeria was Oradian’s first market when we started Oradian six years ago and we remain committed to solving the financial inclusion challenge here. This partnership is a long-term partnership that is an important step towards this goal”.

Similarly, the company’s Programme Director for Africa, Onyeka Adibeli, said: “ANMFIN Cloud Express enhances MFIs’ ability to manage all operations including client relationships, transactions, portfolio management and reporting in the same way that large banks do – but at a fraction of the cost.

“We are removing the barriers that prevent MFIs from using the right technology to serve their clients and to strengthen their operations”, he added.

According to the partners, the latest collaboration will enable ANMFIN to promote access to financial services for Nigerian clients on a larger scale by using ANMFIN Cloud Express, a core banking system specially built for ANMFIN and its microfinance institution (MFI) members.

ANMFIN Cloud Express, powered by Instafin, is a cloud-based toolset tailored to enable smaller Nigerian microfinance institutions (MFIs) to benefit from a cloud-based solution.

With a cost and a system tailored for the needs of smaller MFIs, Oradian’s partnership with ANMFIN enables more financial institutions to take advantage of technology to become more efficient, grow and reach more unbanked individuals in rural communities.

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