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Stephanie Linus Joins WildAid For Wildlife Conservation Advocacy

Star actress and filmmaker, Ms. Stephanie Linus, is furthering her cause as an environmental activist with her focus now on wildlife conservation and efforts to reduce climate change negative impacts. To fulfil this cherished dream, Stephanie has joined an unrivaled portfolio of celebrity ambassadors at WildAid, to help raise public awareness of the impacts of […]

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Stephanie Linus Attends ‘Dialoghi In Spoleto’ & Carla Fendi Foundation Event

Stephanie Linus, Nigeria’s award-winning film actress, director and producer recently attended the second edition of the “Dialoghi a Spoleto” and Carla Fendi Foundation event in Italy. The five-day event, which was part of the official events of the Festival dei Due Mondi di Spoleto 2018, featured six meetings of great female figures of the international […]