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Heritage Bank Launches Octopus App To Enhance Service Delivery

Heritage Bank Plc has introduced Octopus, an advanced intelligent digital tool, to optimize its operations in terms of services delivery to millions of its customers.

The solution, which is full-fledged digital bank, has been described by financial technology experts as a game-changing innovation that is poised to connect customers’ accounts with their Debit Card details or account holder information.

A statement issued on the app by the bank’s Divisional Head, Corporate Communications, Fela Ibidapo, indicated that Octopus represented an omni-channel multi-platform experience squarely targeted at the customers of tomorrow; young, smart, professional, tech savvy pioneers of the new digital economy.

According to him, the digital platform will provide all customers of any Nigerian Bank the opportunity to access a platform that consolidates and connects all their Bank accounts delivering convenience and ease of access on an innovative platform and digital community

Ibidapo stated that Octopus was designed to deliver omni-channel user experience across multiple devices; where most of customer’s daily city activities have been digitized and consolidated. It serves as a single window into several players of the same industry and it is embedded in the same social media platforms where people are such as Facebook and Telegram.

The bank’s Managing Director, Ifie Sekibo, was quoted at the launching of the platform as describing the initiative “as a truly intelligent adventure that does everything differently.”

According to him, Octopus is an intelligent digital experience that combines digital transactions and a community lifestyle that empowers customers with the power to build their world and perform digital transactions how they want.”

The banker explained further that Octopus would be available across all major platforms, including the revolutionary Octopus Bot on the Telegram platform, Facebook as well as Octopus Apps on the Google Play store (for Android) and Apple store (for iOS), which could be used by non-Heritage Bank’s customers.

The platform owes numerous benefits to the users, thereby enable small businesses key into electronic payment system easily, efficient collections, social integration, retention strategy, bills payment, mobile virtual top-up, funds transfer, balance enquiry, movie show time, news.

The platform can be used to engage customers, send messages, advertise, auto remind for due payments, sell products, visible to millions, automatic product recommendation, create any kind of community and engage them freely.

Some of the transaction types, including both domestic and Intra-Africa, the transaction channels are mobile devices, tablets and desktops, whilst the acquiring platforms are Mobile App, mobile USSD-based App and internet banking.

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