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Globacom Debunks Gender Bias Rumour In Downsizing Exercise

Globacom, Nigeria’s leading telecom services provider, has refuted allegations that it is gender bias in its recent workforce downsizing exercise.

The telco, in its tweeted reaction to a fake letter being circulated in some sections of the media, described such insinuation as mischievous, saying that the exercise is carried out based on performance issue.

It tweeted: “Globacom has in recent time past let go of employees, both male and female, married and single, due to performance issues. It is not true that this is restricted to married women alone.

“The letter in circulation is a forged document. Globacom has not issued any such letter to anyone.

“Globacom upholds gender equality irrespective of marital status and promote equal opportunities for growth and personal development of all staff”, the telco clarified.


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