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Firm launches TROJAN Deep-Cycle Solar AGM in Nigeria, Assures Best Value

Trojan Battery Company Ltd, the world’s leading manufacturer of deep-cycle batteries, today, with their Nigerian partners and Master Distributor – Eauxwell Nigeria Limited, introduced a new range of Deep-Cycle Solar batteries into the Nigerian market.

Among these are the SAGM 06 315 and SAGM 12 205. The range is designed for best value in solar and storage application.

These batteries are available in deep-cycle battery sizes that are most commonly used for alternative power sources in Nigeria, ranging from 6V to 12V models and are suitable for use in several applications.

By popular user requirement, it incorporates a maintenance-free design – no watering required.

The new line of deep-cycle AGM batteries is engineered with advanced technologies for high cycle life, optimum performance and rugged durability, which is a necessity in the Nigerian power landscape. It delivers reliable power, and maintains high capacity throughout its cycle-life, unlike typical VRLA batteries.

Speaking at the event, Edwin Enwegbara, the Managing Director assured the public that Trojan Solar AGM batteries have been tested over the years and that Eauxwell remains committed to providing technical support in our region.

Eauxwell Nigeria Limited distributes the products in Nigeria, a leading alternate energy company with the vision to ensure that constant energy is delivered in Nigerian homes and companies nationwide.

They are the official West African Master Distributors of Trojan Battery Company.

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